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Player: Ciaran "CK" Kenny, Trustee of the Camarilla. Resident in the Dublin domain in Ireland.

Name: Anima

Clan: Gangrel (Clan Status 3).

Covenant: Circle of the Crone (Covenant Status 5)

(The following is considered common knowledge within the Covenant)
Anima is the hierophant of the Circle of the Crone within Ireland, though he is known not to acknowledge that term in person. He is a Gangrel Crone of indeterminate age, though he is believed to be between 1 and 3 millenia old and is often seen wearing Celtic clothing within non-Masquerade settings that would certainly place him within this age bracket.

Anima is the founder of the House of the Morrigan. This House is a subset of the Circle of the Crone, the primary beliefs if which are that the Morrigan was the original incarnation of the Crone and that belief in the Crone spread from the Celts to other societies, which adopted native incarnations of her, appropriate to their own belief systems. Further philosophies of the House include that the Crone was the original creator of vampires, who acted as her servants to keep mortals in fear and awe of her. The House has it that certain vampires grew jealous of her and rebelled against her, seeking to promote the Judaic God in the form of Christianity. Thus was born one of the most pre-dominant and influential religions in the world today. It is the key objective of the House to battle Christianity and belief in the so-called "One true God" and to bring about the time of the Crone once more.

On a more personal level, Anima has stewarded the House throughout the past two millenia and has influenced many other Kindred, including those of the Mac Brenna line. Anima has been intricately involved in Irish history, often being considered to be behind rebellions and wars in an attempt to rid the island of Christianity. In modern nights, he is a voice of great influence within Kindred Ireland and in particular within Dublin, the domain in which he predominantly resides (and serves as Primogen).

Anima's demeanour is gruff and forthright. He seems to care little for pleasantries or false niceties, particularly within his own Covenant. Although not incapable of delicate diplomacy, he prefers a more "hands-on" approach to his problems. Anima has rarely had correspondence overseas and since the advent of modern communications, he has been unusually slow on the uptake, given his prior history of adapting reasonably quickly to the challenges of modern nights.

That being said - there are rumblings that he this is soon about to change...

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